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Established in 2002, House of Buff was formed to supply the ever greater demand for the original multi-functional item of performance headgear called Buff. Buff is the best in terms of functionality, design, construction, durability and versatility.

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Buff  - Dorn Hat - Blue


Dorn Hat - Blue

Style 113584.707

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Buff Blue
Buff  - Polar Buff


Polar Buff

Style 118037.617

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Buff  - Polar Buff - Flat Brush


Polar Buff - Flat Brush

Style 111379

Our Price: $31.99

Buff Flat Brush
Buff  - Skyler Hat - Purple Raspberry


Skyler Hat - Purple Raspberry

Style 116014.620

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Buff Purple
Buff  - UV Buff - Meeko Multi


UV Buff - Meeko Multi

Style 113624.555

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Original Price: $30.00

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Buff from Famous BrandsJoan Rojas is a textile manufacturer who, faced with the crisis in the sector, chose to reinvent his business. He seems to have achieved his objective.

An avid biker from way back, Rojas began riding trail bike in the early 70s. Nowadays, every Sunday he and his friends cover kilometres on those lonesome Catalan highways. It all began back in 1991 when biking around northern Spain. Rojas was wearing some military briefs around his neck to protect him from the wind and the cold and he got the idea to improve them because they were itchy and looked pretty ugly.

Rojas began working on drawings and carrying out tests in the family's textile factory until he found a way of manufacturing a seamless, tubular garment out of micro-fibre. At first he just gave them to his kids and to his friends. He also promoted them among ski instructors and in shops. In 1992 he launched the first collection. Three years later, he began to market them abroad, mainly in France, Switzerland and Germany.

Buff, is one of the famous brands offered at Famous Brands Outlet.