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Minus33 was founded with the intentions of providing high quality, warm, garments to the Outdoor community.

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Minus33  - 100% Wool Midweight Turtleneck

100% Wool Midweight Turtleneck

Style 712

Our Price: $75.99

Minus33  - Chocorua Midweight Crew Neck Top

Chocorua Midweight Crew Neck Top

Style 705

Our Price: $65.99


Minus33 from Famous BrandsMinus33 was started with the foundation of providing high quality, warm, garments to the active and Outdoor community. Minus33, part of L. W. Packard a well established wool fabric manufacturing company, has been in business since 1916, with headquarters located in New Hampshire. Manufacturing has been moved to Asia to compete in a global economy.

Avid wool manufacturing engineers at L. W. Packard were looking for high quality, warm, and comfortable garments for outdoor activities. There was a gap from what was available, expensive high end poorly made, to low cost inferior constructed synthetic garments. With high demand for both types, Minus33's competitors' prices are expensive to outfit with fabrics and garments that perform. Minus33 was started to fill that gap in the market.

New Hampshire, being home to some of the worlds worst weather, has been the playground and testing field for Minus33. Minus33 has found that nature has given mankind the best fiber in the world (Merino Wool) to equip avid outdoor athletes to even couch surfers.

Minus33, is one of the famous brands offered at Famous Brands Outlet.

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