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Lacrosse makes products for blue-collar folks and blue-collar folks only. Period.

Famous Brands Outlet has been retailing for close to 30 years... great service and we offer LaCrosse at great prices. May we be your LaCrosse outlet?


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LaCrosse   - 4x Burly 18 1200 Gr


4x Burly 18 1200 Gr

Style 202004

Our Price: $129.99

LaCrosse   - Alphaburly Pro 1600g


Alphaburly Pro 1600g

Style 376019

Our Price: $169.99

Original Price: $190.00

LaCrosse   - Burly Air Grip 800g 18"


Burly Air Grip 800g 18"

Style 266075

Our Price: $119.99

Original Price: $135.00

LaCrosse   - Burly Classic Hunting Boots


Burly Classic Hunting Boots

Style 266040

Our Price: $74.99

Original Price: $105.00


LaCrosse  from Famous BrandsWhether you're a worker, farmer, hunter, firefighter, cop, fisherman, or on a larger scale, anyone who identifies with the blue-collar values of honest, hard work, you'll find a huge amount of LaCrosse gear designed to make your life even better than it already is. It's a commitment Lacrosse made back in 1897 and a lifestyle they will continue supporting.

That's pretty obvious in the way Lacrosse does business. Like you, Lacrosse products are tough and their service is respectful, if not downright courteous. What's more, if their products don't make the blue-collar lifestyle better, they don't waste time making them. That means you're not about to see their boots on the cover of some hip Hollywood magazine anytime soon. Just not the folks we aim to serve.

You'll see Lacrosse is conscious of your need for value, too, because LaCrosse products aren't full of a bunch of rigamarole you don't need. Instead, their footwear and apparel offers more comfort and technology than you'd generally expect at that price. The way Lacrosse sees it, thinking this way is better, and that's what makes Lacrosse proud to be Blue Collar by Choice.

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