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Aventura clothing is a lifestyle apparel brand based in the beautiful Sierra Nevada’s. We design, make and sell comfortable clothing with an active focus while being thoughtful to both people and the environment. Aventura is family owned since 1965, creating a supportive family-oriented culture where the little details of life (and clothing) are cherished.

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Aventura  - Dandra Tank


Dandra Tank

Style J15415

Our Price: $49.99

Original Price: $59.00

Aventura  - Pilar Tank


Pilar Tank

Style M65021

Our Price: $45.99

Original Price: $54.00

Aventura White
Aventura  - Reece Top


Reece Top

Style M40048BX

Our Price: $49.99

Original Price: $55.00

Aventura Black


Aventura from Famous BrandsThe idea started back in 2001 when our president John Kirsch began researching the opportunity of using organic and sustainable fibers to make our clothing with. Now we have produced over 100 styles of sustainable clothing. Our goal is to demonstrate that using sustainable fabrics to make clothing doesn’t mean your outfits have to look like (or feel like) they’re made from a potato sack. We’re proud to say our eco-friendly line is cute and comfortable, not itchy and frumpy. Using sustainable fibers decreases our impact on the environment and creates a lighter eco footprint. The purpose of Aventura Clothing is to educate not only our employees and customers, but our community. One step isn’t just a movement forward, but the beginning of a journey. And every step counts as a lighter mark on our planet. A planet for tomorrow is something we live for today.

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