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Famous Brands Outlet has been retailing for over 30 years... great service and we offer Acorn at great prices. May we be your Acorn outlet?


Acorn from Famous BrandsACORN Products Company began as a simple cottage industry with one product: ACORN Slipper Socks. Wool. Grey twist. The original slipper socks were personally delivered to and from the rural Maine homes of cutters, stitchers, packers, and the like. Each one performed their job with meticulous care and pride.

The company grew into a factory setting in one of Lewiston's old mill buildings. Generations of skilled shoe makers hummed through the transition from cottage industry to factory production. ACORN focused on perfecting every last detail of the slipper sock. Just in time. When astronaut Ken Mattingly took his ACORN Slipper Socks on the 1982 Columbia space shuttle mission, the world opened up to ACORN.

ACORN has designed and innovated ever since to create the classics America has grown to love: the original Sandal Sox, Polar Pairs, Tex Mocs, and Sheepskin favorites. ACORN'S commitment: Comfort on Earth.

Acorn, is one of the famous brands offered at Famous Brands Outlet.

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