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Bogs boots meet the rigorous standards of testing for chemical, slip, and impact resistance among other necessary requirements as called for by people like you, across the nation. If you are looking for the perfect boot, then look no further. Get into Bogs.


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Bogs  - Classic High Handle Boots

Classic High Handle Boots

Style 60153

Our Price: $119.99

Bogs Black
Bogs  - Classic Watercolor Mid

Classic Watercolor Mid

Style 71788

Our Price: $119.99

Bogs  - Classic Watercolor Tall

Classic Watercolor Tall

Style 71787

Our Price: $129.99

Bogs  - Harper Batik

Harper Batik

Style 71711

Our Price: $94.99

Bogs Black
Bogs  - Plimsoll Plaid Mid

Plimsoll Plaid Mid

Style 71786

Our Price: $134.99

Bogs Black
Bogs  - Plimsoll Quilted Floral High

Plimsoll Quilted Floral High

Style 71542

Our Price: $139.99

Bogs  - Plimsoll Quilted Floral Mid

Plimsoll Quilted Floral Mid

Style 71543

Our Price: $134.99


Bogs from Famous BrandsBogs has its home in Oregon where meteorologists give their forecasts with their fingers crossed and a blue sky can turn cloudy and the thermometer can drop in the blink of an eye. They know that some days it takes more than an umbrella to get by and those shoes that you thought were waterproof aren't going to cut it.

After more than forty years in the shoe industry, Bogs were created as the company's solution to the all-weather boot. Even if it requires an ASTM approved steel toe with a chemical resistant outsole or lightweight all-weather coverage with moisture wicking and engineered breathability. Be it rainy, snowy or sunny and breezy.

All of Bogs boots are 100% waterproof and warm down to sub-zero temperatures. All of them have non-slip soles for dependable traction. And all of the shoes are built with breathability in mind so you can even slip them on for a springtime stroll without worrying about breaking a sweat.
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